Petersen-Tegl, GamFratesi, Milano, Petersen Cover, Dedon
Petersen-Tegl, GamFratesi, Milano, Petersen Cover, Dedon
Petersen-Tegl, GamFratesi, Milano, Petersen Cover, Dedon

Petersen Cover is a new brick product which adds a distinctive and modern look to building façades while maintaining all the known advantages of brick. The structure of the handmade bricks leaves the building façade with a beautiful, rustic and exclusive look.

Like Kolumba, Petersen Cover is handmade in wooden moulds. Different combinations of English and German clay are used for the brick, which is burnt at very high temperatures. The architect and client may choose exactly the clay, structure and look of the brick best suited for the particular task.

Petersen Cover comes in two sizes: 528mm x 170mm x 37mm and the slightly wider 528mm x 240mm x 37mm.

Installation of Petersen Cover is very low tech and reminiscent of the traditional installation of pantiles known for centuries. The brick is fastened to an underlying structure which ensures that the bricks lie accurately on the surface and around the corners of the building. The bricks cannot blow off or be removed manually and the solution is therefore vandal proof. The installation is simple, quick and weather independent.

Petersen Cover can be recycled and is therefore a highly sustainable product. With the right tools, the bricks can easily be removed without breaking and can be recycled indefinitely.

Traditional brickwork requires no maintenance except for the joints which have to be checked after some years. Petersen Cover does not have any joints and is therefore 100% maintenance free. A façade made of Petersen Cover is naturally without any expansion joints – which might be an unsightly element to a brick façade. Façades made of Petersen Cover are water-repellent and absorbs a minimum of moisture.

Petersen Cover is an original and different solution with close ties to traditional brick houses.