Campus Ås

Location: Oslo, NO

Architecte: Henning Larsen Architects, Fabel Arkitekter

Finalisé: 2020

Produits: C48

Les catégories: Formation et santé / Bâtiments publics

Campus Ås brings together the Norwegian Veterinary Institute and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and a state biomedical research unit under one roof. The 63,000 square meter building opened in 2021.

The building’s logistics necessitated a particular architectural approach, with large, walled courtyards that allow animals, people and equipment to enter and exit the building safely. This solution also means that the spaces in front of the building are kept free of mundane logistics and transport areas, and the surrounding landscape reaches all the way up to the façade.

The eight adjoining buildings are all clad in the shimmering reddish-brown C48. According to project architect Karoline Igland, Henning Larsen, it was decided to use few but robust materials that would age with dignity and interact with the surroundings. The client and the architects opted for a handmade brick, fired using traditional methods. In autumn the brick mimics the colour of the trees; in winter, snow collects on the gently sloping roof clinkers; and in summer, it casts dramatic shadows.

Petersen Tegl delivered its largest order of Cover to date. In total, 260,000 C48