Petersen Tegl A/S has voluntarily implemented the international standard ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems. This contributes to a more effective use of available energy sources, enhances competitiveness, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions and other related environmental impacts.

Petersen Tegl A/S strives to be an environmentally aware company that minimises the level of energy consumed per manufactured unit without detracting from product quality.

Petersen Tegl A/S aims:

  • To comply with mandatory and voluntary requirements that the company has committed itself to observing
  • To set new energy targets and draw up new action plans every year
  • To calculate useful key data for managing energy consumption
  • To subject large, energy-consuming equipment to energy-efficiency inspections and maintenance on an ongoing basis
  • To include energy-related issues in the decision-making process for new purchases, and in the design and engineering of rebuilding projects and new construction projects
  • To register, investigate and rectify deviations from compliance with the energy goal and energy policy
  • To ensure that the system’s documents and registrations comply with the requirements of the Danish Energy Agency and other relevant legislation
  • To assess the system’s suitability and effectiveness on a regular basis
  • To inform, motivate and train employees in matters related to energy on an ongoing basis.

Petersen Tegl’s energy management system is certified by Force Certification, which conducts annual monitoring visits in order to ensure compliance with the requirements specified in ISO 50001.

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is an independently verified and registered document that communicates transparent and comparable information about products’ environmental impact throughout their life cycle. 

EPD Danmark has drawn up an EPD for Petersen Tegl products, in accordance with ISO 14025 and EN 15804. This EPD has been third-party verified.

The EPD, which is based on a cradle-to-grave process with a reference service life (RSL) of 150 years, shows that using clay products from Petersen Tegl for construction purposes is a sustainable choice. With regard to the RSL, the EPD includes the following elaborations:

“Studies have shown that clay construction products stand out with their high durability and prevail with no maintenance and a life span of 150 years or more.” 

“Clay products last for centuries. They do not need maintenance, replacement or surface treatment. The lifespan of a building material is crucial to its environmental impact. The longer a product lasts, the less impact it will have on the environment as defined in module B of EN 15804.”